Clean the Gulf NOW – grassroots, citizen-funded effort to clean up the Gulf of Mexico

This morning I assisted my friend and client, Jennifer Roth, in putting together a website which focuses on doing something about the BP oil spill. The mission of Clean the Gulf Now is stated as follows:

We are a grassroots, citizen-funded effort to clean up the Gulf of Mexico from BP’s oil catastrophe. Just like post-Katrina, we’ve grown weary and disheartened watching and waiting for our elected officials to step up and give us something more than lip service. Taking matters into our own hands, we have identified a safe, non-toxic product that will effectively clean the marshes, beaches and our waters from the oil. We are NOT promoting this product as the one and only solution, and are open to more and similar products. Our mission is to get the coast cleaned up NOW. If you have identified similar, nontoxic product, tell us about them!

If you’re interested in doing something about the BP oil spill, I encourage you to visit the site, educate yourself and consider donating to Clean the Gulf Now!


[Video] The Nashville Flood. May 2, 2010

The extent of the flooding experienced by our neighbors in Nashville has certainly been a surprise and shock to me. This video features Michael Deppish‘s artful photo documentary of the destruction caused by the heavy rainfall that fell on Middle Tennessee between May 1st and May 2nd, 2010.

Here are Deppisch’s comments on this video:

Between May 1st and May 2nd, 2010, Middle Tennessee received the greatest amount of rainfall in recorded history. It left us with several casualties, millions of dollars in damage and an indelible mark on our city. This video shows but a small sample of the destruction and mayhem wrought by this disaster. Please pray for those affected. If you feel so inclined, please make a donation at

HT: @FrannyPriestly