Barefooting: Day 4, 3rd Run

Today I had a little epiphany as I ran: My gait was off. Having heard that running in minimal footwear results in a more natural stride with the front of your foot hitting first, I  had pretty much been keeping my heel off the ground as much as I could. I was basically running almost on my tip-toes.

However, after my first mini-run of the day, I stretched for a bit then headed back out. This time I made the initial contact with the ball of my foot as before, but then I allowed my foot to relax and let my heel hit the ground before pushing off again. This made a big difference in the fatigue I felt in my calves, plus it felt a lot better. I was able to continue my second mini-run and add in a third.

If you’re an experienced minimal footwear runner, my comments are probably laughable; however, I’m certainly enjoying myself as I re-learn how to run.


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